Smart Lens

tooz smart lens with and without display

At our tooz production site in Germany, we develop and produce smart lenses – the optical system for smart glasses. Our design is engineered for mass manufacturing. The stable and validated production process allows us to manufacture units in our pilot line in Aalen as well as transferring it to other companies around the world. 

Lens offering

lens engineering based on your requirements

Our engineering team can develop an optical system based on your product requirements. 

low volume
in-house manufacturing

In our tooz pilot line in Aalen, we can produce up to 10,000 units for you. 

high volume license manufacturing

Licence our tooz smart lens to produce it in high volumes all around the world.

In use

tooz ESSNZ Berlin

Request for quote

Interested in incorporating our smart lens in your product? Get in touch with us via email.

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