curved waveguide engineering

The centrepiece of every tooz Smart Glasses solution is the unique curved tooz waveguide. Our optics engineering team developed and perfected its core technologies over the last years. In our optics engineering process, we are able to customize parameters based on customer requirements to enable smart glass solutions for various use cases.

Core technologies

monolithic lens

Our curved waveguide combines all required optical surfaces, from incoupling to the freeform fresnel with outcoupling power – in one robust and highly scalable part.

rx integration

Seamless Rx integration is the core feature of our lens. Keeping the intended use of glasses was the main intention during our development phase. The unique curved waveguide provides unlimited possibilities for vision correction.

standard processes

Our waveguide can be treated like a normal prescription lens with standard processes of the ophthalmic industry. Refraction data, pupil distance centering, backside surfacing, shipping – that’s it.

How it works

available customizations

field of view

Depending on the use case and target application, tooz can engineer your desired FoV up to 20° while keeping all other USPs, such as prescription and efficiency, alive.

virtual image position

The ideal position of the virtual image might differ depending on the use case. We can engineer the needed position by adapting the optical design.


Reflective optics provide unmatched efficiency. Additionally, tooz can adjust the efficiency of customized optics according to the display technology by wavelength fitting of our coatings. 

eyebox size

Cost efficiency is directly linked to the SKUs required to serve the market. tooz can provide customized eyeboxes enabling one size for all SKUs or very individualized optics.

UV protection

We do not need to darken down our optics because of efficiency problems. However, UV/ sun protection is a key feature for both sport and lifestyle glasses. tooz is able to provide unlimited options from different gradings and colors up to polarized lenses.


Different display technologies provide different pros and cons. We can adjust our optics to increase display efficiency, adapt to size requests and enable low volume requirements of the glasses.

customization requests

Interested in incorporating our optical engine as it is or customized in your product? Drop us an email.

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